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What is the School District’s role with this project and the Friday Harbor Athletic Association (FHAA)?

In 1997, the voters of San Juan Island approved a budget and plan proposed by the school district for the construction of the San Juan Island Community Park. Due to unfortunate shortages in funding in other areas of the school district, the plan did not move forward, and the land lay vacant. The FHAA approached the school district and proposed a partnership in which the Friday Harbor Athletic Association would lease the land, and develop the park entirely through private donations. The school district approved the partnership in 2004, applied for the CUP with the Town of Friday Harbor and the FHAA has raised 1.6 Million dollars in donations and volunteer labor to date . Our new goal of opening the first Multi-Use field in the fall of 2012.

Archived Letter From the Journal 2008. School Board President and Superintendent of Schools Michael Soltman.  April 2008 School District Letter

What is the CUP?

Conditional Use Permit. This is the permit that the FHAA and the School District applied for and received in 2004 from the Town of Friday Harbor. The FHAA is fulfilling the requirements of the CUP to get the park open to the public.

Who is the Friday Harbor Athletic Association (FHAA)?

The Friday Harbor Athletic Association (FHAA) is a registered 501(c)(3) organization with a mission of serving the youth of Friday Harbor by creating and providing a positive environment for the development of sportsmanship, athletic skills and character. FHAA operates programs and sports teams for youth between the ages of 6 and 15 in football, flag football, arena football, boys and girls basketball, lacrosse, and cheerleading. Founded in 1987, FHAA has been serving youth in the Friday Harbor community for over 25 years. The organization and its founders believe in the principle “No Child Turned Away,” allowing for every kid to have a fun, positive experience. The organization is run entirely by volunteers and supported wholly through grants and donations.

What will the San Juan Island Community Fields look like when they are done?

Upon completion, the San Juan Island Community Fields will feature six practice and playing fields (one multi use field, one soccer field, two softball fields, and one baseball field), approximately one-mile of walking trails, picnic areas, a clubhouse complete with restrooms and concessions, a playground, parking for the entire facility and a reservation for a future school use building, if required. See what they look like today.

Why the Passion to Build new Fields?

The San Juan Island School District, San Juan Island Parks and Recreation, The Friday Harbor Athletic Association, San Juan Youth Soccer, San Juan Softball and Baseball and local community groups currently share the two 60’ baseball fields, one softball field and one multi-use sports field located at Friday Harbor Elementary School.  With multiple sports teams and leagues sharing one facility, scheduling and coordinating athletic events and practices has become very challenging. In some cases, home games have had to be moved to an off island site due to the heavy used conditions of the fields. With the addition of this complex, teams will have the ability to host fundraising jamborees that would bring commerce to our Island. The Friday Harbor Athletic Association and School District hope that with the completion of the San Juan Island Community Athletic Fields that Friday Harbor will have the ability to host additional athletic events and offer new programs to the San Juan Island community. We are striving to raise a generation of healthier, more active children in the San Juan Island Community, and we feel that the new sports fields will aid in this goal!

What’s the Goal for the San Juan Island Community Park in 2012?

Our goal for 2012 is to have the first multi use field open to the public by September 1st, 2012. Funding and Weather depending.

How is the park going to be maintained after completion?

We are excited to report that partnerships with Island Rec are currently being discussed, along with a maintenance and operations plan that will keep the park looking good and ensure scheduling is easy for all user groups.

Who will use the San Juan Island Community Park?

We truly hope that all residents of San Juan Island will use and enjoy San Juan Island Community athletic fields and playground. The new sports fields will allow for new sports teams and leagues, which we hope will translate into more kids participating and living healthier, active lives. We also hope that with these new sports fields, our community will have the ability to host more sporting events and drive increased commerce to San Juan Island. Additionally, we vision the park with a playground, approximately one-mile of walking trails, picnic areas available for barbeques and community gatherings and a clubhouse complete with restrooms and concessions.

How is this project being financed?

The San Juan Island Community Park is being funded entirely through private donations, with work completed through volunteer labor from several generous members of the Friday Harbor Community.

Any words from the Board and the FHAA Community Fields Steering Committee?

We are thrilled to be involved with the construction of the San Juan Island Community Athletic Fields, a project that it is bettering the community of San Juan Island. Knowing that the park and sports fields will not only help our youth, but allow for the creation adult and senior leagues, and aid in creating healthier, more active lives for all members of the community, we could not be more pleased. We truly appreciate the support of the community as the project moves forward, and are excited for the Community Fields to be completed and enjoyed by all. We would like to say “Thank You!” to all of the donors and volunteers that have helped us get to where we are today. Help us meet our goal and get the first multi-use field open for use


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